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The Advertising Value of Signs

Unlike some advertising mediums, signs can have a long-term visual impact. A vehicle or an "on premise" sign that is seen by as few as 10,000 people per day, with a conservative life-span of 5 years will have over 50 million contacts. Try to reach that many prospective customers with any other medium and compare the cost.

The idea of a "lettered vehicle" or an "on premise" sign being seen by as many as 10,000 people per day may leave some wondering. But before you question the possibility, consider this: Layton City is in the heart of Davis County, UT. It is what many might consider a mid-sized town. There were 60,294 residents in the city as of March 1999 and the total Davis County population was approximately 230,000 that same year.

Suppose your business is on Layton's four lane main street. According to the Utah Department of Transportation traffic counts, about 21,000 vehicles pass by per day. As you can see, the advertising value of a vehicle or an "on premise" sign is substantial.

You as the business owner may be the most surprised to discover the advertising value of your signs. Signage is advertising - it is so much more than "just a sign". Signs are a major part of the visual image and professionalism of your business.

Suppose we said to you, "Give me something that represents you and your business, I'm going to show it to 20 thousand people around town today." You would certainly be careful to insure that what you gave us was the best possible choice.

Including your building, vehicle, and other signage, your business does project a visual image. It is either Great, Good, Fair, or Poor, but you do have one. Your visual image, whatever it's quality, has a direct effect on your sales volume. People associate your product or service quality to their impression of your projected visual image. Whatever the customer believes to be truth is in fact truth. It effects his or her desire to do business with you.

Projecting a powerful and effective visual image will help maximize your potential for greater sales and higher profits. You should be constantly reviewing your visual image from your clients point of view.

Goodson Signs is in business to assist you in the creation and maintenance of your successful image. We are experienced and talented sign professionals. We use state of the art equipment. We have the tools, we have the talent. We invite you to take advantage of our many years of experience and sign-making expertise.